Dr. Edita Navratilova

Edita Navratilova has been involved in research on opioid pharmacology and pathophysiology of acute and chronic pain for about 20 years. The main goal of her research is to identify neural mechanisms of pain processing that could be targeted for the development of non-addictive analgesics. Of particular interest is investigation of the endogenous brain circuits that modulate pain perception, including descending pain pathways and aversion/reward processes that influence affective and motivational aspects of pain and pain relief. Another area of her interest is in neural mechanisms of migraine pain, post-traumatic headache, and other stress-related pain disorders. Additionally, she explores the role of hormonal factors, including prolactin, that may predispose females to the development of chronic pain. She has authored or co-authored over 60 peer reviewed manuscripts, presented at national and international meetings, and currently serves as an Associate Editor in Frontiers in Pain Research.

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