Dr. Jennifer S. Lewis

As Senior Occupational Therapist, Dr Jenny Lewis has gained over twenty years clinical experience in specialist rehabilitation at The National CRPS Service, Royal United Hospital NHS Trust, Bath, UK. Furthermore, she is Associate Professor at The University of West of England, Bristol, UK.
Her academic research career is very much embedded in clinical practice answering questions that are relevant to patients and practice. Body perception disturbance in chronic pain forms one aspect of her research, applying clinical, virtual reality and brain imaging to further understand this phenomenon. Following her doctorate Jenny was awarded the international Ronald Melzack Postdoctoral Fellowship at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Jenny has published extensively and presents internationally within this field. She leads an international collaboration using MRI brain imaging to understand neural mechanisms in chronic pain.
Other aspects of her portfolio include multisensory rehabilitation approaches, treatment outcomes and improving health inequalities in chronic pain treatment

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