Dr. Kirsty Bannister

Kirsty Bannister is an Associate Professor at King’s College London. Her specialty field is the central modulation of pain with a specific focus on the functionality of inhibitory controls in the descending pain modulatory system and their forward translation to the human domain (experimental and clinical). Based on the knowledge that most chronic pain sufferers do not receive adequate pain relief, she ultimately wishes to contribute to the development of novel therapies that offer an improved analgesic profile by gaining a deeper understanding of pain circuitry functionality.
Her funders include the MRC, Academy of Medical Sciences, Parkinson’s UK and the NC3Rs. Kirsty has published more than 40 articles on pain circuit functionality and descending modulatory controls and she fulfils associate editor roles for Pain, Pain Reports and British Journal of Pharmacology among others. In 2022 Kirsty was awarded the IASP Patrick D Wall prize for Pain Basic Science research.

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