Dr. Terri Voepel-Lewis

Dr. Terri Voepel-Lewis’s early clinical research focused on pain assessment and management in vulnerable populations of children with limited verbal ability. This work included the development and testing of the Faces Leg Activity Cry Consolability (FLACC) observational pain assessment measure (supported with funding from the National Institute of Health) and clinical evaluation of the self-report Numeric Rating Scale. Internationally. Dr. Voepel-Lewis’s current research uses randomized and factorial research designs to enable the identification of latent factors that predict unsafe opioid decisions and that place children and adolescents at risk. She has broadened her work to better understand risky analgesic decisions among older adolescents and emerging adults who self-manage their own pain. Her current work aims to improve multi-modal pain management in vulnerable populations, reduce the risks of prescription opioids and minimize the capacity for future misuse in communities.

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