Kristian Kjaer Petersen

Dr. Petersen has a long-term mission to develop the concept of “Personalized Mechanistic Pain Medicine” to provide the correct treatment for the right patient in a fast, evidence-based, and safe manner. Specifically, Dr. Petersen studies factors that modulate pain mechanisms and aims to target these mechanisms using tailored interventions to provide pain relief for patients with chronic pain.
Dr. Petersen holds a Ph.D. (2014) and a DMSc. (2021) with focus on understanding the underlying mechanisms for pain in osteoarthritis, and how these mechanisms can predict the response to standard pain treatments. Dr. Petersen is an early career researcher (age: 36) who have published more than 80 peer-reviewed papers on pain mechanisms with a focus on osteoarthritis and 4 book chapters within the area of pain assessments and predicting outcomes after pharmaceutical interventions and surgery.

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