Michael P. Jankowski

Dr Jankowski’s research is focused on how injury effects the peripheral nervous system and produces pain. His expertise in peripheral sensitization allows him to collaborate with world-renowned researchers to study how specific genes regulate the development of somatosensory processing using multifaceted approaches. He is the Theodore W. Striker, MD Chair in Anesthesia Research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). He has been NIH funded since 2013. He has also obtained numerous foundation awards, industry contracts and DoD support in addition to institutional grants since 2011. Dr Jankowski also serves as Research Director for the Department of Anesthesia at CCHMC. His lab has produced numerous abstracts and papers on pain which have been presented nationally and internationally. The goal of his research program is to characterize the molecular mechanisms of how different afferent subpopulations regulate the transition from acute to chronic pain across the lifespan under various injury conditions.

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