Miroslav Backonja

Dr. Backonja’s clinical and research interest has been related to pain, including in neurological disorders. He conducted research studies in laboratory using pre-clinical pain models and then he went on to conduct clinical research, investigating pain mechanisms, from psychophysics to neruroimmunology. He also conducts randomized clinical trials with new pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies. His research resulted in many publications in medical and scientific journals including Neuroscience, Pain, Lancet Neurology and JAMA, among many others, resulting in over 100 peer reviewed articles.
Dr. Backonja has broad experience of conducting clinical research in academic and commercial environment. In academia and in CRO’s his focus was neuropathic pain. In commercial clinical research sector, his efforts were focusing on translational medicine, in particular translational pain medicine, with the goal to facilitate insights from preclinical observations to human clinic by applying human experimental models and other advanced quantitative methods of early phase clinic development.

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