Prof. Andrea W. Evers

Andrea Evers’ work focuses on how psychobiological factors (e.g. placebo and nocebo effects, expectation learning mechanisms) can affect somatic symptoms, and how to use this knowledge for therapeutic interventions. She has particularly studied the role of generic psychoneurobiological mechanisms and interventions for various somatic symptoms (e.g. pain and itch), a research line for which she has been awarded several prestigious research grants from the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research, ZonMW, the European Research Council (ERC Proof of Concept grant & ERC consolidator grant), NWO Gravitation grant (one of the 5 wp leaders) and the NWO Stevin Prize (2019). Andrea Evers is (inter)nationally recognized through her positions in a large number of committees and advisory boards, such as her current position as a board member in the IASP SIG Placebo and Pain as well as her position of President of the International SIPS (Society of Interdisciplinary Placebo Studies) steering committee.

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