Professor Frank Huygen

Frank Huygen is working as a clinician researcher. He is head of the center of pain medicine, a multidisciplinary pain clinic specialized in acute, chronic benign and oncologic pain and palliative care. In 2009 he is appointed as full Professor in Anesthesiology especially Pain Medicine at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Erasmusmc). In 2020, he is also part-time appointed as full Professor in Pain Medicine at the University of Utrecht (UMCU)
He is principal investigator in several research lines especially focusing on CRPS and neuromodulation. He is member of the Board of Directors of the International Research Consortium for CRPS (40 collaborating research sites worldwide). Since 2004 he supervised and finished successfully 5 PhD co-promotor ships and 19 promotor ships. He (co)authored over more than 200 peer reviewed articles, (H index May 2022: 47).

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