Professor Luis Garcia-Larrea

Luis Garcia-Larrea is a recognized clinical scientist working on the cortical integration of human pain sensations. He leads the NeuroPain lab at the Neuroscience Center of Lyon, France, and pursues clinical work at the Neurological Hospital. His work has contributed important data on the spatio-temporal mechanisms underlying the transition from nociception to conscious pain, the diagnosis/prediction of neuropathic pain using neurophysiology, and the use of cortical stimulation to alleviate neuropathic pain.
He is author of >250 scientific publications on these topics, and Editor of the IASP Book “Pain in the Conscious Brain”. He served as President of the European Society of Clinical Neurophysiology, and is currently Editor-in-Chief of The European Journal of Pain and President-elect of EFIC. He has received awards from the Institut de France (Neuroscience Prize 2009; Pain research prize 2015), the French Pain Society (Translational Research Prize 2013) and the IASP (Ronald Melzack Lecture Award 2012).

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