Professor Richelle Mychasiuk

Professor Richelle Mychasiuk is a behavioural neuroscientist who was recruited to Monash University in 2018 from the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, at The University of Calgary, Canada. Since moving her group to Monash in 2018 she has co-led the Monash Trauma Group to include over 20 researchers from all academic levels, and become the leading translational neurotrauma group in the country. Her broad research program uses extensive behavioural and epigenetic techniques to understand how early life experiences modulate brain development in adolescence. She has been one of the few to thoroughly investigate the role of sex and sex-differences in outcomes within the realm of neurodevelopment, mTBI, and pain research. She is leading the Neuroscience section of a newly formed intiative, the GIN Hub, that strategically brings together Gastroenterologists, Immunologists, and Neuroscientistis, to further understanding of the brain-gut-immune axis and rapidly translate research from the bench to the bedside.

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