Thursday, September 22nd
10:45am-12:15pm EDT


Topical Workshop




713 A

A Partnership Approach to Strengthen the Pain Training of Health Professionals in Australia

This presentation will outline outcomes from a novel priority setting partnership (PSP) project funded by the Australian Government. The PSP was undertaken in collaboration with people living with chronic pain, carers and health professionals working in pain care in a genuine effort to empirically-derive a person-centred interdisciplinary pain training framework. The 'Listen to me, learn from me', framework repositions health workforce training through this partnership lens, with the aim of strengthening training efforts to support high-quality person-centred pain care. The framework is underpinned by 9 training domains, (with 44 specific pain care priorities) with training targets including, empathic validation; effective, respectful, safe communication; ensuring genuine partnerships in co-planning personalised care. This framework is intended as a blueprint to shape Australian interdisciplinary health workforce training with the overall aim of providing better high quality person-centred pain care. The partnership approach to implementation will be discussed, highlighting how the interdisciplinary pain training will be scaled up and how sustainability will be addressed using a digital ecosystem designed for this purpose.


Professor Helen Slater

Professor (Musculoskeletal Pain)
Curtin University, Western Australia