Monday, September 19th
8:30am-4:30pm EDT


Sig Symposia

Pain in Childhood SIG Symposium

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The Symposium will bring together local, national, and international experts to share innovations, leading practices, and applied science in the area of pain in child health. The aim of the symposium is to achieve a thought-provoking, relevant, and scientific meeting to advance the field.  

This is an all-day symposium, hosted by the Pain in Childhood SIG in collaboration with the Pain in Child Health (PICH) international research training program, the SickKids Pain Centre, and Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP). The symposium will feature keynote presentations from leading experts in clinical care and biology of pain in children, workshops on exciting innovations and strategies (i.e., virtual reality, virtual care, knowledge mobilization), trainee rapid-fire hot topic presentations, and an engaging panel on pediatric pain in lower-to-middle income countries. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the latest evidence in pediatric pain care
  2. Understand the biology of pain in children
  3. Understand the importance of ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion in pediatric pain care




7:30-8:00 – Registration

8:00-8:15 Introduction, Housekeeping

8:15-08:55 Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, MD (USA) Pediatric Multimodal Analgesia 2.0: Preventing and Treating Pain in Hospitalized Children

08:55-09:35 Suellen Walker, MD (United Kingdom), Neuropathic Pain: State of Art in Assessment and Management “David Fear Lecture – sponsored by the SickKids Pain Centre

09:35-10:15 Michelle Meiring, MD (South Africa), The Real Opioid Crisis for the Rest of the World: Pediatric Pain Treatment in Resource-Constrained Settings

10:15-10:45 – BREAK

10:45-11:25 – Anna Taddio, PharmD (Canada), Strategies to reduce or eliminate needle-induced pain and anxiety in children: How to offer them for every child every time.

11:25-12:05 – Cristina Benki, PhD (USA) Deciphering distress: Integrating trauma informed care and pediatric pain management

12:05-12:45 Lorenzo Fabrizi, PhD (United Kingdom), Early development of pain processing in NICU: Does pain prevention lead to better clinical outcomes?

12:45-13:40 – Networking Lunch

13:40-14:40 – Nicole Pope, RN, MPhil (Australia), Perri Tutelman, BHSc (Canada), Samantha Noyek, PhD (Canada), Olivia Dobson, BSc (Canada), Meghan Mcmurtry, . PICH Trainee Rapid Fire Oral Presentations 10+5 minutes Sponsored by PICH

14:40-15:20 – Marco Battaglia, MD (Canada), Chicken or Egg? Mental Health and its Relation to Chronic Pain in Children

15:20-16:00 – Michelle Wan, Vina Mohabir, BSc (Hons), Gillian Newman, MSW, RSW. Moderator: Kathryn Birnie, PhD (Canada), Lived Experience – Partnering with Pediatric Researchers

16:00-16:40 – Christine Chambers, PhD (Canada), Making a Difference for Children in Pain Sponsored by SKIP

16:40-16:45 Closing Remarks