Monday, September 19th
8:30am-12:00pm EDT


Hands-On Workshop


Basic Science: Pain Models


803 A

Automated Mouse Behavior and Pain-Related Behavior Tracking

Ms Maree focuses on building tools that leverage computer vision and deep learning to tackle problems in neuroscience and biology that would be otherwise intractable, including markerless motion capture to quantify animal behavior. The reflex limb withdrawal response as a measure of nociception has been a mainstay of quantitative measurement in preclinical pain research in subjects unable to describe pain. There have also been attempts in the literature to measure effects on activity and social behavior. There will be an explanation and video demonstration of how high-quality computer-aided vision and deep learning can be applied to different aspects of behavior of single and socially housed mice using software developed by the lab called SLEAP.


Ms. Liezl Maree

Scientific Programmer
Salk Institute for Biological Studies