Monday, September 19th
8:30am-12:00pm EDT


Refresher Course


Chronic pain: Other


602 B

Bedside: Demonstration of Variability in Clinical CRPS Presentation and Efforts to Develop Subgroups

CRPS is characterized by a variety in clinical presentation. Both between patients and during the course of the disease within a patient. Traditionally, a distinction is made between CRPS1 and CRPS 2. Clinically, a distinction has also been made between warm and cold CRPS.

An increase in the understanding of the underlying pathophysiology makes it clear that different disease mechanisms may or may not play a role in the individual patient. Mechanisms involved are among others, auto inflammation, central sensitization and neuroplasticity with sensory, motor and autonomic disturbances, endothelial dysfunction and psychological factors. Clinical features aid in phenotyping. This creates the possibility to personalize the therapy. Prof. Huygen will provide guidelines on how to deal with this in daily clinical practice, based on current insights.


Professor Frank Huygen

The University Hospital Erasmus Medical Centre and University Medical Centre Utrecht