Friday, September 23rd
1:30pm-3:00pm EDT


Topical Workshop


Patient Engagement and co-creation in research and education


714 B

Best Practices, Practical Resources and Best Practices to Overcome Common Barriers to Embedding Patient Engagement in Clinical Pain Research and Knowledge Translation Initiatives

As a pain scientist who has actively incorporated patient engagement in her pediatric pain research and knowledge translation efforts for over a decade, Dr. Chambers will share key insights and lessons learned from her experiences. She will begin with a presentation of commonly perceived and experienced challenges of, and barriers to, incorporating authentic patient engagement from the lens of a clinical scientist, as well as her experience in overcoming these barriers to now incorporating engagement strategies in all of her efforts. She will also present best practices to guide clinical scientists in the inclusion of patient partners in clinical pain research, as well as developed rubrics for the increasing levels of engagement. As a clinical scientist who had to figure out on her own how to embed effective engagement practices into her research and knowledge translation activities, Dr. Chambers will also provide some practical guidance on educational, training and other resources that clinical scientists can access to equip themselves with the necessary skillset to incorporate meaningful patient engagement in their clinical pain research.    


Dr. Christine T. Chambers

Dalhousie University