Monday, September 19th
8:30am-12:00pm EDT


Hands-On Workshop


Research Methods, Clinical


801 B

C-Fiber Specific Electrostimulation

Martin Schmelz will demonstrate the method of C-fiber specific electrostimulation. Participants will experience the selective stimulation of polymodal C-fibers contrasting classic A-fiber stimulation as well as the stimulation of silent nociceptors that is accompanied with the induction of an axon reflex flare. Intensity-response relations will extend into the supra-threshold range and will indicate that at high stimulation intensities also A-fibers are stimulated. Tonic stimulation for one minute will reveal the pronounced adaptation in the healthy nociceptive system. The clinical use of the different stimulation paradigms in chronic itch and pain patients and their implications will be reviewed.


Professor Martin Schmelz

MCTN. Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University