Monday, September 19th
8:30am-12:00pm EDT


Hands-On Workshop


Research Methods, Clinical


801 B

C-Fibers – Small Their Diameter, Multifaceted in Their Function

C-Fibers play a large role in neuropathic pain conditions. Understanding of their function can aid tremendously in understanding different symptoms of neuropathy and therapeutic approaches. This workshop will demonstrate different functions of C-fibers taking into consideration not only pain, but also itch. Participants will get an introduction to the different methods used in pain and itch research with an emphasis on allodynia and hyperalgesia as well as alloknesis and hyperknesis accordingly. This may not only further the understanding of the methodology behind recent studies, but can also give an impression of symptoms experienced by patients and the mechanisms behind them. The capsain model, the histamine model and C-fiber specific electrostimulation can be experienced first hand. Furthermore it will be shown, how the different models are implemented and how to best assess the subject the model was used on.


8:30am EDT12:00pm EDT

C-Fiber Specific Electrostimulation

Tracks: Research Methods, Clinical
Categories: Hands-On Workshop

Martin Schmelz will demonstrate the method of C-fiber specific electrostimulation. Participants will experience the selective stimulation of polymodal C-fibers contrasting classic A-fiber stimulation as well as the stimulation of silent nociceptors that is accompanied with the induction of an axon reflex flare. Intensity-response relations will extend into the supra-threshold range and will indicate that at high stimulation intensities also A-fibers are stimulated. Tonic stimulation for one minute will reveal the pronounced adaptation in the healthy nociceptive system. The clinical use of the different stimulation paradigms in chronic itch and pain patients and their implications will be reviewed.

8:30am EDT12:00pm EDT

Experimental Models of Neuropathic Itch

Tracks: Research Methods, Clinical
Categories: Hands-On Workshop

Introduction to experimental models of neuropathic itch using the histamine and non-histamine models and relate to human experimental models for neuropathic pain. Lecture will focus on the sensory phenomenons of alloknesis and hyperknesis. Histamine will be applied in participants and phenomena of neuropathic itch will be demonstrated using light touch and small filaments. The many similarities between pain and itch neuroplasticiy will be highlighted,

8:30am EDT12:00pm EDT

Itch Psychophysics in Humans

Tracks: Research Methods, Clinical
Categories: Hands-On Workshop
Presented By: Dr. Leigh Nattkemper

Dr. Leigh Nattkemper will give an introduction to itch psychophysics in humans. A histaminergic and non-histaminergic itch model will be applied in participants and they will experience the phenomena of itch symptom reporting, itch alleviation, and the touch-points of itch and pain. 

8:30am EDT12:00pm EDT

The Capsaicin Model

Tracks: Research Methods, Clinical
Categories: Hands-On Workshop
Presented By: Manon Sendel

The capsaicin model will be described and participants will be able to experience the effects themselves.


Prof. Lars Arendt-Nielsen

Professor, Head of Research
Aalborg University

Dr. Leigh Nattkemper

Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Trials
University of Miami

Professor Martin Schmelz

MCTN. Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University

Manon Sendel

University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel