Concepts of Providing Standardized Sensory Testing Protocols in Developed and Developing Countries

Monday, September 19th
1:00pm4:30pm EDT

About the Session


  • Julia Forstenpointner, MD (Germany)
  • Ellen Shaldenmose, MD PhD Student (Denmark)
  • Jan Vollert, PhD (UK)
  • Harriet Kemp, MD (UK)
  • Walter Magerl, PhD (Germany)
  • Supranee Niruthisard, MD (Thailand)
  • Martine Bordeleau, PhD (Canada)
  • Miroslav Backonja, MD, PhD (USA)
  • Simon Haroutounian, PhD (USA)

This workshop will feature brief, 3 to 5 minute introductory talks. The workshop will include four stations that aim to provide solutions and strategies to frequent problems which may occur in the process of sensory testing. The workshop will:

  • Introduced participants to different methods of thermal sensory testing, including the assessment of thermal detection and pain thresholds as well as alternatives to the gold-standard.
  • Provide an overview of sensory testing includes the assessment of sensory function via pinpricks, von-Frey-Filaments, pressure algometers and tuning forks and discuss the  relevance in clinical and scientific use.
  • Provide a platform, which promotes scientific exchange and challenging cases as well as engage participants in discussions on how to prevent pitfalls in QST assessment and interpretation.
  • Present two different bedside-QST-batteries which provide parameters suitable for a standardized sensory testing and stratification according to QST clusters.