CRPS from Bedside to Bench

Monday, September 19th
8:30am12:00pm EDT

About the Session


  • Frank Huygen, MD, PhD, FIPP, FFPMCAI (hon) (Netherlands)
  • Frank Birklein, MD (Germany)
  • Andreas Goebel, MD, PhD (UK)
  • Jenny Lewis, PhD, MSc, DipCOT (UK)

CRPS is an uncommon condition. It may be challenging for clinicians to gain experience and knowledge of the condition to provide adequate diagnostic assessment and intervention for such reasons. These difficulties appear to apply worldwide. CRPS is also a complex condition, and the pathophysiology points to multiple disease mechanisms, further compounding management.

The aim of the refresher course is to educate course attendees in the clinical presentation of CRPS including the variability in the clinical picture, and furthermore to describe the current understanding of CRPS pathophysiology based on the most recent research findings. Finally, the session will teach attendees about current and future therapies. The overall aim is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of CRPS worldwide.