Wednesday, September 21st
10:45am-12:15pm EDT


Topical Workshop


Basic Science


717 A

Dual and Opposing Functions of the Central Amygdala in Pain Modulation

Dr. Carrasquillo will demonstrate that the CeA functions as a pain rheostat system, with activation of CeA neurons expressing somatostatin attenuating pain-related responses and increases in the activity of CeA neurons expressing PKCδ promoting amplification of pain-related behaviors following injury. She will further discuss the progress in her studies at the circuit level, focusing on the excitatory afferent pathway from the parabrachial nucleus to the central amygdala and the inhibitory efferent pathway from CeA neurons expressing PKCδ to the zona incerta.


Dr. Yarimar Carrasquillo

Principal Investigator
National Institutes of Health