Wednesday, September 21st
4:30pm-6:00pm EDT


Topical Workshop | Virtual Program




718 A

Factors of Susceptibility/Resistance to Chronic Pain in a Peripheral Neuropathy Model

Experimental chronic neuropathic pain models have been selected on the basis of their ability to mimic relevant aspects of the human pathology and it is a relatively rare event to find neuropathic animals with no pain-related manifestations. In this talk, I will present recent findings on such small population of pain resistant rats, on their phenotypical manifestations not only after, but more importantly, prior to the installation of a peripheral neuropathy. Our data show that in such scenario, animals are more pro-social and present better performance in cognitive flexibility tasks. Also, pain resistant animals present higher levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines and distinct lymphocytes levels when compared to pain susceptible rats. Finally, we demonstrate that the manipulating of the inflammatory environment at the time of the neuropathic injury can confer a long lasting protection.

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Prof. Hugo Leite-Almeida

Universidade do Minho