Wednesday, September 21st
10:45am-12:15pm EDT


Topical Workshop


Other - Novel Experimental/Analytic Approaches/Tools


716 A

Framing the Question: What are Sleeping Human Nociceptors? Why do Classes of C-fibers Show a Specific Response Pattern to Electrical Stimulation?

In this talk the core questions, wich shall be handled by the other speakers during this session will be framed: What are sleeping human nociceptors? Why do classes of C-fibers show a specific response pattern to electrical stimulation? Functional nociceptor classification as obtained by microneurogrpahic recordings will be described in health and disease. Special focus will be placed upon properties and possible functional roles of the so called sleeping or silent nociceptors, which are the opposite of “silent” in chonic pain.


Ms. Barbara Namer

Research group leader
IZKF Research group Neuroscience, Medical faculty, RWTH Aachen Univ., Aachen, Germany