Friday, September 23rd
1:30pm-3:00pm EDT


Topical Workshop


Patient Engagement and co-creation in research and education


714 B

IMMPACT 2021 Consensus Recommendations for Promoting the Inclusion of Patient Partners Across the Clinical Pain Research Life Cycle and Measuring its Impact

Dr. Holzer will present consensus recommendations from the IMPAACT meeting on patient engagement in the planning, conduct, and dissemination of clinical pain research. In several therapeutic areas, engaging patient research partners at different stages of the clinical research life cycle has gained substantial traction, resulting in a growing number of publications, best practices and specific guidance. However, data on patient partner engagement in clinical trials of pain therapeutics, as well as other types of clinical pain research, are relatively scarce. Early and meaningful involvement of patient partners in clinical pain research can provide improvements at each stage of the research life cycle. These recommendations are generalizable and can be applied to individual studies to elevate the field of pain research through patient engagement toward more meaningful and impactful clinical pain research. Dr. Holzer will also present specific recommendations on tools that can be used to effectively measure the impact of patient engagement on research quality and all research partners.


Dr. Katie Holzer

Washington University School of Medicine