Friday, September 23rd
1:30pm-3:00pm EDT


Topical Workshop




718 B

Indonesian Participation in the Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic Toolkit Project and Pain Self-Management Skills Training for Health Care Professionals

Global Burden of Disease data has shown that chronic persistent pain is a condition that significantly contributes to disability in Indonesia. Many studies also show that chronic pain has a significant influence on functional outcomes. However, nationally, this fact has not received the attention it deserves. This is also reflected in health services which view pain as only a symptom, not seeing it as a specific health problem that does not only affect biological but psychosocial aspects. According to the current regulations, pain services are mainly carried out by doctors and the role of other health professionals is not very specific. For this reason, a breakthrough is needed to raise awareness of the importance of services using team approach to dealing with pain with its biopsychosocial aspects. This presentation will describe the backgrounds why Indonesia need to implement multidisciplinary pain service, the challenges and opportunities, Despite the absence of a system that supports its implementation. The efforts to introduce this concept involving all health care professionals started by introducing pain self-management skills  using biopsychosocial model (doctors, nurses, psychologist, and physiotherapist) from several top referral hospitals in Indonesia will also be described.


Dr. Jimmy F. A Barus

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia – St Carolus Hospital