Friday, December 31st


Refresher Course

Intensive Interdisciplinary Pain Treatment for Pediatric Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a prevalent, highly disabling condition among children and adolescents, resulting in physical limitations, school absence, social problems, and psychological comorbidities. Research in pediatric chronic pain shows that function improves before pain but can be hard to accomplish in traditional outpatient, multidisciplinary settings. Intensive interdisciplinary pain treatment (IIPT) offers increased intensity and frequency of therapies in a specialized setting that provides a “higher dose” of treatment from a coordinated care team; this approach is effective for pediatric patients with complex chronic pain conditions.


11:00pm EST

Improving Function through Physical Therapy for Pediatric Chronic Pain

Categories: Refresher Course
Presented By: Mrs. Giulia Mesaroli

This presentation will provide an introduction to physical therapy treatment strategies for children and adolescents with chronic pain. Treatment strategies will include pain neuroscience education, physical activity, activity pacing, graded motor imagery, desensitization, virtual reality, and passive modalities. The underlying theory will be presented as well as available evidence. Practical approaches to implementing treatment stategies will be discussed and highlighted using case studies.

11:00pm EST

Medical Management for Chronic Pain

Categories: Refresher Course
Presented By: Eugene Kim

Medical management as part of a larger Intensive Interdisciplinary Pain Treatment (IIPT) program can often be complex. It requires a shift in focus from diagnosis to optimization and support. Attendees will learn how best to evaluate and prepare patients for an IIPT program and provide an ideal environment for functional improvement. This presentation will focus on the evidence-based medical treatments for chronic pain prior to and during admission to an IIPT program within the context of the biopsychosocial model of pain. Attendees will learn the various methods of ensuring patient readiness for the program and address specific issues that might arise during the treatment process.

11:00pm EST

The Psychology of Chronic Pain

Categories: Refresher Course
Presented By: Dr. Sara E Williams

Pain psychology is a core component of intervention for pediatric chronic pain and particularly so for children undergoing Intensive Interdisciplinary Pain Treatment (IIPT). In this portion of the course, attendees will receive an in depth learning experience to better understand pain psychology, its application to chronic pain treatment, and its integration into IIPT. Specifically, attendees will learn about the nature of chronic pain from a psychological standpoint, including how to effectively provide psychoeducation about chronic pain, and ways to conceptualize pain and develop a treatment plan using a biopsychosocial framework. Next, they will learn about the application of evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for pediatric chronic pain, including hands on training in coping skills. Finally, they will experience how psychology is integrated into IIPT and learn about the efficacy of this approach. The presentation will be geared toward attendees from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels, so that those less familiar with pain psychology will leave with a better understanding of the general approach, and those with more experience will be able to take away new, specific skills.


Eugene Kim

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Mrs. Giulia Mesaroli

The Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Sara E Williams

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center