Thursday, September 22nd
10:45am-12:15pm EDT


Topical Workshop | Virtual Program


Specific Pain Conditions/Pain in Specific Populations


718 A

Mapping Mechanistic and Clinical Pain Phenotypes to Treatment and Outcomes in LBP

Data will be presented on the measurement properties and statistical relationships between psychophysical measures in people with chronic low back pain, compared with other indices of peripheral and central sensitization, and with other chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions. Attention will focus on Pressure Pain detection Thresholds at various anatomical sites, Temporal Summation and Conditioned Pain Modulation, each using mechanical stimuli. Associations of psychophysical measures with patient characteristics and with other indices of sensitization, and their ability to predict prognosis and a breadth of patient-centred treatment outcomes will be discussed, including pain and self-management. Balance will be explored between repeatability, precision, validity, feasibility and acceptability to patients, researchers and clinicians. The value of psychophysical measures for defining phenotypic groups and informing individual patient care will be compared. Psychophysical measurement describes consequences of diverse and heterogenous mechanistic pathways, which may constitute stable phenotypic traits, or vary over time. Each may act in isolation, or together they may change as a concordant nociplastic state.

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Prof. David Walsh

Co-Director Pain Centre Veersus Arthritis
The University of Nottingham