Friday, September 23rd
10:45am-12:15pm EDT


Topical Workshop


Specific Pain Conditions/Pain in Specific Populations


713 A

Mental Defeat as a Pain-Related Psychosocial Predictor of Suicidality in Chronic Pain

In this talk, Dr. Tang will consider the role of mental defeat in explaining variations in distress, and relatedly suicidality, experienced by people with chronic pain. Defeat has been featured as a key cognitive factor driving suicidal ideation and behaviors in two of the most influential models, the Cry for Pain Model and the Schematic Appraisals Model. Dr. Tang will present findings from recent questionnaire and experimental studies in which the role of mental defeat in predicting suicidality and in altering pain, attention and mood responses was empirically tested. Ideas on how the concept of mental defeat could be added to augment existing psychological models of chronic pain and be used for developing screening tools for detecting suicidality in patients with chronic pain will be discussed.


Professor Nicole K Y Tang

University of Warwick