Nerve Blocks for Management of Neuropathic Pain Disorders Affecting Head and Neck Region

Monday, September 19th
1:00pm4:30pm EDT

About the Session


  • Khawaja Shehryar Nasir, MSc, DipABOP (Pakistan)
  • Annika Rosen, DDS, Dr. Med Sci (Norway)
  • Jeffrey Shaefer, MPH (USA)
  • Shruti Handa, BDS, DMD (USA)

Advances in imaging, cellular biology and genetics, and neuroscience in recent years have improved our understanding of chronic pain disorders. However, the rich and complex innervation of the craniofacial region, along with the elusive clinical characteristics and presentations of chronic neuropathic pain disorders, make the diagnosis and management a challenge for pain-management providers. Chronic painful neuropathies can develop idiopathically, or present secondary to a nerve injury or disease. The most noteworthy causes are infection (neuropathy attributed to herpes zoster and post-herpetic neuralgia), surgery (post-surgical pain), cancer (neoplasm-related pain) and trauma (persistent idiopathic facial pain and painful peripheral post-traumatic trigeminal neuropathic pain).

The mainstay of the management of neuropathic pain is pharmacotherapy. However, pharmacotherapy can fail to provide significant clinical relief in symptoms or may not be routinely available or contraindicated. Interventions have a diagnostic and therapeutic role in the management of chronic painful neuropathies.

This workshop will provide hands-on experience with the different nerve infiltration and block techniques used for the diagnosis and management of peripheral neuropathies that affect the craniofacial region. The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate nerve infiltrations and block techniques for the branches of trigeminal and cervical nerves, using both intr oral and extraoral approaches.