Friday, September 23rd
10:45am-12:15pm EDT


Topical Workshop | Virtual Program


Pain in Special Populations


718 A

Neurobiological Mechanisms Underlying the Relationship Between Early Life Trauma and Adolescent Pain

Early life adversity is associated with cognitive, social and emotional impairment. We have investigated the effects of a high fat /high sugar diet, and early life stress on pain sensitivity and emotional function in the Sprague Dawley rat, using maternal separation (MS) as a model of early adversity and neglect. We will demonstrate poor diets prime the inflammatory system to be sensitized to pain and impair social and emotional functioning. In addition, when compared to control offspring, MS pups display increased anxiety-like behaviour and an altered pain response, with increased pain thresholds indicative of increased risk for chronic pain in the future. Furthermore, using advanced MR imaging, we will demonstrate that high fat/high sugar diets and MS alter structural maturation of the brain, and that the effects of MS and poor diet are cumulative; both within the brain and on pain processing and socio-emotional function.

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Professor Richelle Mychasiuk

Monash University