Tuesday, September 20th
4:30pm-6:00pm EDT


Topical Workshop


Evidence - clinical trials - systematic review - guidelines - implementation science | Evidence, clinical trials, systematic review, guidelines and implementation science


701 B

No Singular Solution: Prescribing, Tapering, and the Opioid Pendulum Swing

This workshop explores real world implications for clinical practice and patient outcomes of national opioid prescribing guidelines in Europe and North America. Panelists, who will offer perspectives from different countries, will share their direct experience with research, clinical practice, and guideline development or oversight. Emerging studies suggest that some practices embraced either directly or indirectly by guidelines that were intended to protect patient safety, such as opioid tapering, may also increase risks of harm. Patient safety, including discussion of tapering and transitioning care for those at risk of OUD, will be addressed. Evidence of potential risks with forced or abrupt tapering and of benefits with voluntary tapering will also be discussed. To advance inclusivity, the panel will be moderated by an interviewer with lived experience of pain who is also a health policy attorney and advocate with relevant professional expertise. This panel pivots from the recognition that we have yet to reach an equilibrium in opioid prescribing, and that our evolving policies and understanding can create thorny issues for providers and patients. Panelists will share personal anecdotes, insights, and lessons learned from guideline interventions that lie at the intersection of public health and clinical practice.



Dr. Hance Clarke

Director of Pain Services
University Health Network

Dr. Beth Darnall

Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Winfried Hauser

Department Internal Medicine 1 Institution Klinikum Saarbrücken

Ms. Kate M. Nicholson

Executive Director
National Pain Advocacy Center