Monday, September 19th
8:30am-12:00pm EDT


Refresher Course


Other - Clinical Intervention: Pain Management Programs, Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation, including Multi- and Inter-Disciplinary Approaches


701 B

Occupational Lifting and Back Pain: Thou Shalt Not Lift?

Presentation of the evidence for a causal relationship between (occupational) lifting and back pain based on the application of the Bradford Hill criteria; occupational lifting myths, alternative explanations for the widespread beliefs about the relation between lifting and back pain, including the unwanted negative role of health care practitioners. Discussion on the ‘safe lifting’ paradox. Insight: Evidence for falsification of a one-dimensional causal relationship between lifting and back pain, biopsychosocial alternative approaches, focusing on the possible unwanted nocebic role of the health care practitioner and positive alternatives.


Michiel F Reneman

Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen