Tuesday, September 20th
4:30pm-6:00pm EDT


Topical Workshop


ICD-11 & ICF


715 A/B

Patients’ Acceptance of the New Classification for Chronic Pain

This presentation will give attendees a thorough overview of how the ICD-11 chronic pain classification fits within the larger context of the ICD-11. The second focus of this presentation will be the patient perspective on the new ICD-11 chronic pain diagnoses. Data from an international web-based survey will be presented. Here, patients with self-reported chronic pain rated the new diagnoses after having watched a brief introductory video. Patients rated, among others, whether they expect the new diagnoses to facilitate communication or improve access to adequate pain treatment. Patient endorsement can contribute to a facilitated implementation of the ICD-11 chronic pain classification. Results of more than 1000 patients encourage the use of the new classification system, and offer some hints about aspects to be specifically addressed.


Prof. Winfried Rief

Professor of Clinical Psychology
University of Marburg