Thursday, September 22nd
4:30pm-6:00pm EDT


Topical Workshop


Assessment, Diagnosis & Measurement of Pain


714 A

Prospective Analysis of Experimental Pain Sensitivity as a Risk Factor for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, and particularly chronic widespread pain, is associated with increased pain sensitivity. Though this finding has been demonstrated in a large number of studies, the causal direction between these outcomes is still quite unclear. A handful of prospective studies have been conducted but these have mainly been conducted with small, non-representative convenience samples, had short follow-up times, and have primarily focused on post-operative pain. Dr. Nielsen will speak to this issue by presenting data from the Tromsø Study, including experimental pain assessment of 10,500 participants and 8-year follow-up data on chronic pain. The main research questions to be tested are: 1) Does hyperalgesia increase risk of new onset chronic pain? 2) Does hyperalgesia increase risk of regional pain spreading to additional body locations among persons with chronic pain at baseline? 3) Is hyperalgesia associated with increasing pain severity among persons with chronic pain at baseline?


Prof. Christopher S. Sivert Nielsen

Research professor
Norwegian Institute of Public Health