Thursday, September 22nd
10:45am-12:15pm EDT


Topical Workshop


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Roles of Keratinocytes in Cutaneous Neuropathic Pain

Keratinocytes are the predominant epidermal cell type and the first point of contact of external stimuli to the body. All subtypes of cutaneous afferent neurons and nociceptors terminate within or in close proximity to keratinocytes. New evidence documents that keratinocytes form synapse-like contacts with nerve terminals and therefore, may communicate with and modulate sensory nerve terminals. As keratinocytes are the first site of cutaneous injury, they are anatomically well positioned at the cellular and tissue levels to modulate signaling in sensory neuron fibers. Thus, keratinocytes are in a prime position to contribute to cutaneous neuropathic pain. Dr. Stucky will discuss the growing evidence that keratinocytes may become sensitized and contribute to neuropathic pain in animal models and human tissues.


Dr. Cheryl L. Stucky

Medical College of Wisconsin