Tuesday, September 20th
10:45am-12:15pm EDT


Topical Workshop


Gender/Sex Differences



Sex Specific Peripheral Mechanisms of Ischemic Myalgia

Dr Michael Jankowski from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center will present recent work on the complex interplay between muscle afferents and target derived signaling molecules in the development of ischemic myalgia.  This presentation will explore how primary muscle afferents dually modulate nociception and the cardiovascular response to exercise in response to upregulated growth factor signaling from the muscles.  Dr. Jankowski will also describe inherent differences in muscle nociceptors that may explain the distinct mechanisms that underlie the development of ischemic myalgia between males and females.  Results will be presented in the context of possible new therapies for treating patients with these debilitating disorders.


Michael P. Jankowski

Associate Professor
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center