Complexity of the Musculoskeletal System: Scientific Updates

Monday, September 19th
8:30am4:30pm EDT

About the Session

Musculoskeletal SIG Symposium

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There is a growing awareness of the adverse impact of musculoskeletal pain on wellbeing, healthy aging, disability, and economic stress. This symposium will highlight International efforts for strategic changes addressing the burden of MSK disorders and recent research that shifts our understanding of MSK function, dysfunction, and prevention of treatment.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize and discuss reasons why international policy on musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction are important
  2. Name non-pharmacologic interventions which reduce body-wide inflammation
  3. Discuss reasons why pain practitioners need to develop skills for diagnosing connective tissue abnormalities



8:30 – Symposium Begins

8:30-8:40 – Opening Remarks

9:10-9.30 – Andrew Briggs MD, Australia: Global Strategic Response to Improve Musculoskeletal Health

9.30-9.50 – Mary Barbe, PhD, USA: Neuroplasticity, Movement and Pain

9.50-10.10 – Carla Stecco MD, Italy: Fascial Anatomy and Function

10.10-10.25 – Panel 1: Q&A and discussion with moderator Eric Schoomaker MD, PhD, USA

10.25-10.40 – Morning Coffee Break

10.40-11.00 – Theoharis Theoharides MD, PhD, USA, Cyprus: Neuroinflammation and System Dysregulation: Lessons From COVID 19

11.00-11.20 – Norman Marcus MD, US: Evaluation and Treatment of Muscle Generated Pain in Hypermobility Related Disorders

11.20-11.40 – Heather Tick MD Canada, USA: Neuropathic Patterns of Myofascial pain: 70 years of science

11.40-12.00 – Panel 2: Q&A and discussion with moderator Eric Schoomaker MD, PhD, USA

12.00-13.00 – Lunch break

13.00-13.20 – Feng Pan PhD, Australia: Individualized Osteoarthritis Pain Treatment Based on Pain Phenotypes

13:20-13:40 – Renato Martens, Brazil: Clinical Perspectives Fascia, Muscle and Connective Tissue

13.40-14.00 – Peter Wayne USA: Mindful Movement for Chronic Pain

14.00-14.15 – Panel 3: Q&A and discussion with moderator Eric Schoomaker MD, PhD, USA

14.15-14.30 – Afternoon Coffee Break

14.30-14.50 – Arya Nielsen PhD USA: Evidence-Based Acupuncture Therapy

14.50-15.10 – Hans-Georg Schaible MD, PhD, Germany: Arthritis Pain Mechanisms

15.10-15.30 – Helene Langevin MD, NCCIH: Whole Joint Health

15.30-16:00 – Final panel and discussion with moderator Eric Schoomaker MD, PhD, USA

16.30 – End of Symposium