Monday, September 19th
8:30am-12:00pm EDT


Refresher Course


Chronic pain: Other


602 B

Summary of Current Therapies and an Outlook to Trials and Future Treatment Approaches

Management of CRPS is directed by the patient’s clinical presentation and will almost always include rehabilitative approaches and medications; some patients may also benefit from interventional techniques including neuromodulation. No single drug treatment has achieved regulatory approval. Recent well-conducted drug trials were ‘negative’. Based on research advances, novel treatment technologies are emerging in the fields of prevention and rehabilitation, brain stimulation and neuromodulation, and immune drugs. Careful interpretation of efficacy trials for their relevance to clinical practice includes particularly an appreciation of the pertinent CRPS sub-groups. This workshop-part aims to refresh our understanding of i) current treatment approaches for CRPS as directed by patient presentation, ii) treatments around the corner, ii) the interpretation of treatment-trial results.


Dr. Andreas Goebel

Associate Professor
University of Liverpool