Sunday, December 31st


Refresher Course

The Current Evidence Base for Acute and Preventive Treatment

In this refresher course, experts in pediatric headache medicine will provide an update on migraine and other headache disorders in children, adolescents, and young adults. The group includes two pediatric neurologists/headache specialists, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and a pediatric psychologist. They will focus on the following topics: The Current Evidence Base for Acute and Preventive Treatment; Application of the Current Evidence into Interdisciplinary Headache Medicine Practice: A Headache Specialist View and a Nurse Practitioner View, including case examples, and the Research Horizon: What Current and Future Studies are Needed to Advance Understanding and Care. Attendees will acquire up-to-date knowledge on current practice guidelines, where the many gaps in our understanding exist, and ongoing investigations that aim to close clinically-relevant gaps in the evidence base. The group will highlight the importance of applying a biopsychosocial and interdisciplinary model of care and how team science is the key to advancing the field.


Dr. Serena Orr

Pediatric Neurologist & Assistant Professor
Alberta Children's Hospital/University of Calgary