Friday, September 23rd
10:45am-12:15pm EDT


Topical Workshop


Specific Pain Conditions/Pain in Specific Populations


715 A

The Genetic Basis of Endometriosis and Comorbid Pain Conditions

This presentation will give an overview of the latest findings in understanding the genetic basis of endometriosis, from the largest collaborative studies to date. Specifically, as yet unpublished results from the International Endometriosis Genome Consortium (24 datasets; >60,000 cases and >700,000 controls) will be presented that have uncovered 42 genome-wide significant loci (31 novel), and that show significant genetic correlation with other pain and inflammatory conditions. We will also present additional work using the UK Biobank and other data resources, in which we uncover, and dive deeper, into a shared genetic basis for endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. We are about to submit the study results for publication in two high impact journals, and therefore presentation in this IASP workshop will be timely.


Dr. Nilufer Rahmioglu

Senior Research Fellow
University of Oxford