Monday, September 19th
1:00pm-4:30pm EDT


Sig Symposia

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome SIG Symposium

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This symposium will feature short presentations about emerging therapies for CRPS and novel assessment methods, aiming to inform clinicians and industry about the current state of the art in these fields. The symposium aims to:

  • Support clinicians to understand treatments emerging on the horizon enabling them to communicate this with their patients.
  • Help industry appreciate the breadth of both treatment developments for CRPS ranging from rehabilitative approaches over drug therapies to neuro-modulation and skin-sensitivity assessment advances.

Presenters will outline their respective treatment topic areas in conjunction with the pathophysiology that are addressed by these treatments.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To appreciate the wide range of emerging therapies for CRPS
  2. To understand the specific pathophysiological frameworks within which these treatments are purported to work
  3. To become familiar with the health-economical frameworks within which emerging therapies might eventually enter clinical practice, and with the international registries that can support future trial efforts in emerging therapies




13:00 – Symposium Begins

13:00 – Welcome and introduction

13.10 – Janne Gierthmuehlen, MD, PhD (Germany): High-frequency repetitive sensory stimulation – emerging evidence – which patients may benefit?

13.25 – Frank Huygen, MD, PhD, FIPP, FFPMCAI (hon) (Netherlands): Novel neuromodulation approaches for CRPS – state of the art

13.40 – Daniel de Andrade, MD, PhD (Brazil): Motor cortex stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation for CRPS (Pre- Recorded)

13.55 – Norman Harden, MD (USA): New approaches to harness the power of NMDA drugs in CRPS

14.10 – Andreas Goebel, MSc, PhD, FRCA, FFPMRCA (UK): Immune modulation therapies for CRPS

14.25 – Christian Maihoefner, Prof. Dr. med. (Germany): Health Economics for the un-initiated – what are the economic challenges for adapting emerging treatment for CRPS in clinical practice (Pre-Recorded)

14:40-15:10 – Coffee break, discussion, and informal exchange
Part 2 with Chair Jenny Lewis and co-chair

15.10 – International treatment modalities

15.25 – Monika Halika, PhD (UK): Prism adaptation – lessons from a negative trial

15.40 – Lone Knudsen, MSc Psych, PhD (Denmark): Phenotyping CRPS – Opportunities offered by the New ICD-11 for Future Trials in Emerging Therapies

15.55 – Sharon Grieve, PhD (UK): Future Research Opportunities via the International CRPS Registry and Data Bank

16.10 – Round Table Discussion – Emerging Treatments for CRPS – How Can We Accelerate Progress?

16:20 – Janne Gierthmuehlen, MD, PhD (Germany) & Janet Bultitude, PhD (UK)

16:30 – Conclusion