SIG Symposia

Special Interest Group Symposia provide attendees an in-depth exploration of their specific discipline, including recent discoveries and the latest in research developments in their particular area of interest. Select IASP Special Interest Groups will hold their half-day or full-day symposia Monday 19 September.

Advances in Pediatric Pain Prevention and Treatment: From Basic Science to Clinical Application

The Symposium will bring together local, national, and international experts to share innovations, leading practices, and applied science in the area of pain in child health. The aim of the symposium is to achieve a thought-provoking, relevant and scientific meeting to advance the field.  

Complexity of the Musculoskeletal System: Scientific Updates

There is a growing awareness of the adverse impact of musculoskeletal pain on wellbeing, healthy aging, disability, and economic stress. This symposium will highlight International efforts for strategic changes addressing the burden of MSK disorders and recent research that shifts our understanding of MSK function, dysfunction, prevention of treatment.

Discovering New Therapeutic Targets and Molecular Pain Mechanisms Using Human Tissues: Recent Advances, Emerging Pitfalls, Continuing Gaps in Knowledge

This symposium will take place over one day, consisting of interactive oral presentations from invited speakers, short oral presentations from early career researchers (awarded on a competitive basis), and ending with an interactive discussion on challenges and opportunities in the field well as future collaboration.

Mechanisms of Orofacial Pain

This whole day symposium builds on the International Classification of Orofacial Pain (ICOP) published in early 2020. The first 2 talks will discuss basic pathophysiological mechanisms of the trigeminal pain pathways and psychosocial mechanisms of orofacial pain. Next, the mechanisms behind the conditions in each chapter of the ICOP l be presented in separate talks. Finally, the symposium will be rounded off by presenting state-of-the-art personalized pain management.

Multilevel Perspectives on the Social Foundations of Pain

The inaugural symposium of the IASP Social Aspects of Pain SIG (SocSIG) brings together some of the brightest minds in the field of pain research – both established and emerging – to showcase multilevel perspectives on the social foundations of pain and highlight avenues through which social aspects of pain can be harnessed to improve pain management.

Pain, Mind, and Movement: Past, Present and Future

The SIG on Pain, Mind, and Movement is delighted to present a Symposium at the IASP World Congress on Pain 2022. The Symposium’s theme has been developed to align with the 50th anniversary of IASP. The symposium will blend knowledge and expertise from both high-income and low- and middle-income countries.

Preventing Chronification of Acute Pain and its Consequences

The mission of the Acute Pain SIG is “to study underlying mechanisms of acute pain, including the transition from acute to chronic pain, and the implications of acute pain therapy for clinical outcome and quality of life.” Since transitioning from acute to chronic pain after surgery is of major importance, this event will focus on the prevention of chronic pain (and opioid use) after surgery and the bio-psycho-social process of chronification.  

Psychoneurobiological Mechanisms of Placebo Effects: Recent Evidence and Clinical Implications

This symposium showcases the most recent advances in the area of placebo research. Placebo research has played an important role in the development of our understanding of how placebo effects influence pain and treatment outcomes.

Symposium on Analgesic Trials

The Clinical Trials SIG will present its half-day Symposia on Analgesic Trials as a Pre-Congress event on Monday, 19 September.  Join the Clinical Trials SIG for discussions, Q&A, and special sessions on Analgesic Trials.

Technology, Innovation, and Progress Symposium in Pain Education

Pain Education is a global, interprofessional challenge. As pain science and knowledge has expanded dramatically in recent decades, pain education has lagged due to slow adoption by academic institutions and health system factors. Nonetheless, needs for pain-expert clinicians have increased over time. The use of technology and innovative educational methods can help alleviate this crisis. The purpose of this symposium is to support the development of faculty and trainees interested in technology-based innovation in pain education. This full-day symposium will include plenary sessions, interactive workshops, and a poster session to facilitate communication, exchange, and transformative change.

The War Against Cancer Pain
Are We Winning?

New challenges arise in therapeutic options for cancer pain management. What do we do about the opioid crises in some parts of the world? What about non-drug options for pain relief? How available and accessible are the interventional pain management techniques? What is the way forward regarding alternative approaches? Are we winning the war against cancer pain?

The Wide Field of Emerging Therapies for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

This symposium will feature short presentations about emerging therapies for CRPS and novel assessment methods, aiming to inform clinicians and industry about the current state of the art in these fields.