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King's College London


United Kingdom

Franziska Denk


Franziska Denk is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at King’s College London, where she works on neuroimmune interactions and epigenetic mechanisms in the context of chronic pain. Her lab uses transgenic models and high-throughput molecular analyses, such as RNA-seq, on sorted cell populations (https://www.franziskadenk.com/, @denk_lab).
Franziska studied Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford and completed her DPhil there in 2009. She started her own research group in 2017 with the help of an MRC New Investigator Research Grant. Since then, she has also received funding from the European Union (IMI2), industry and several charities.
Franziska is passionate about data sharing (Denk, Nature, 2017) and interdisciplinary research in an open, positive research culture.
She is co-Director of the Wellcome Trust funded PhD Training Scheme in Neuro-Immune Interactions in Health and Disease (https://www.wellcomeneuroimmunephd.co.uk/).


Monday, September 19, 2022

8:30am EDT12:00pm EDT

Neuro-Immune Interactions in Chronic Pain – A Topical Overview

Categories: Refresher Course
Room: 601 B

Neuro-immune interactions are crucial to many chronic pain states. This workshop will not only provide an overview of the “classical…

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

4:30pm EDT6:00pm EDT

Improving Reproducibility and Translatability in Pre-Clinical Pain Research Some – Practical Solutions

Tracks: Evidence - Clinical Trials - Systematic Review - Guidelines - Implementation Science, Evidence, Clinical Trials, Systematic Review, Guidelines And Implementation Science
Categories: Topical Workshop
Room: 713 A/B

Are you tired of hearing about the reproducibility crisis and a failure of translation, without being offered tangible solutions? If…