Professor of Pain Research


Dept. of Surgery and Cancer


Imperial College London


United Kingdom

Professor Andrew SC Rice


Andrew Rice is Professor of Pain Research at Imperial College London and Honorary Consultant in Pain Medicine at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. He is active in both clinical practice and translational research elucidating neuropathic pain. Andrew’s research covers both laboratory and clinical research spanning animal models, through deep profiling of patients with a view to personalized medicine, to clinical trials and evidence synthesis by meta-analysis. His focus is on neuropathic pain in the context of infectious diseases (HIV, Herpes Zoster, HTLV-1 and leprosy), diabetic neuropathy and peripheral nerve trauma, especially in a military context – which includes collaborations with historians. He is a vocal advocate for tackling the record of translation failure in his field by improving the internal and external validity of pre-clinical research and for innovating evidence synthesis methods in pre-clinical research. He has published over 230 peer reviewed papers and has a citation (H) index of 60.


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

4:30pm EDT6:00pm EDT

Improving Reproducibility and Translatability in Pre-clinical Pain Research – some Practical Solutions

Tracks: Evidence, Clinical Trials, Systematic Review, Guidelines And Implementation Science
Categories: Topical Workshop
Room: 713 A/B

Are you tired of hearing about the reproducibility crisis and a failure of translation, without being offered tangible solutions? If…

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

10:45am EDT12:15pm EDT

Angiotensin Receptor Signaling as a Pain Target: Bench, Bedside and Back-Translation

Tracks: Mechanisms
Categories: Topical Workshop
Room: 718 B

The major bioactive molecule in the renin-angiotensin system, the peptide hormone angiotensin II orchestrates many more processes than blood pressure…