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Department of Psychology


University of Bath


United Kingdom

Professor Edmund Keogh


Ed Keogh is Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology, and Deputy Director of the Bath Centre for Pain Research, at the University of Bath, UK. He gained his PhD in 1997 where he explored the effects of anxiety on attention. Following a lectureship post in London, he moved to Bath in 2003, and was promoted to Professor in 2017. Ed’s researches the psychology of pain, with a focus on attentional process, and sex and gender differences. Recent interests are on the gender context of pain, and how interpersonal interactions shape men and women’s pain. Ed draws on methods from experimental psychology and behavioral science, has written extensively on these areas, with over 100 publications. He is currently the psychology lead on the European Pain Federation EFIC Education Committee, and lead investigator on a major new UK-based research consortium that seeks to better understand the psychosocial mechanisms of pain.


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

2:00pm EDT3:15pm EDT

Sex, Gender and Pain: Past, Present and Future

Categories: Plenary Lecture, Virtual Program
Room: Plenary Room Level 800

There are differences between men and women in the perception and experience of pain. Women generally experience more pain across…