Assessment, Diagnosis and Measurement in Pain

Laser Evoked Potentials

The current evidence on the diagnostic accuracy of evoked potentials will be presented. You will learn the most important technical details of laser stimulation and recording and how to use nociceptive evoked potentials for clinical purposes

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Modality-Specific Evoked Potentials – Methods to Objectify the Quality of Our Somatosensory System

We aim to present established and novel methods to generate evoked potentials recorded by EEGs.
These procedures,some of them only recently developed, enable the detailed revealing of components of the somatosensory system. Providing objective results, they are especially advantageous over previously established methods such as Quantitative Sensory Testing. several stimuli are applied to the skin which are then processed centrally. This processing manifests as potentials in the simultaneously-recorded EEG. Thus, latencies and amplitudes can be measured and assigned to the respective fiber classes. This enables a dedicated assessment of the somatosensory system. Thus, pathologies can be uncovered – objectively.
In this workshop, cold, contact-heat, laser and PinPrick stimuli are presented to facilitate a broad overview of the field of evoked potentials. the clinical relevance of these methods is discussed and explained in more detail by using exemplary cases. Next to appealing cases, the speakers will engage participants in discussions on how to prevent pitfalls both in assessing and interpreting evoked potentials. Participants will have the chance to apply stimuli independently and will be made familiar with EEG evaluation. They will also have the opportunity to perceive the various stimuli themselves. The relevance for clinical and scientific use will be discussed.

This session does not provide CME credit.

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Contact-heat Evoked Potentials (CHEPs) and Cold Evoked Potentials (CEPs)

You will be introduced to the TCS II.1 and you will learn how to use the EEG device. You will experience how to apply and record evoked potentials. In addition, you will be shown illustrative clinical cases.

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Clinical Relevance, Interpretation and Pitfalls (Cases, Interactive Demonstration of Analysis)

The physiological features of the different stimulation methods will be presented to you, the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods will be discussed. We will also discuss clinical examples.

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Pinprick Evoked Potentials

You will be introduced to pinprick evoked potentials. You will gain insights into their application and interpretation as well as their potential clinical applications. We will also discuss case studies.

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