2022 World Congress on Pain Official T-Shirt 

Your Design Here (3)

IASP called on members to submit a design for the official 2022 World Congress on Pain t-shirt. Dozens of designs were submitted highlighting World Congress, Canada, or Toronto, and over a thousand members of the IASP community selected their favorite. 

The winning t-shirt was designed by IASP member, Wouter Van Bogaert.

Wouter submitted this description along with his design:

“This design includes elements of IASP and Toronto, as well as Canada itself. At the very center of the design, we find the new IASP-logo, which also was used as the focal point of a white outline of the famous CN Tower. 

A red maple leaf encompasses the IASP-logo and the outline of the CN Tower, while its stalk blends with the base of the Tower, creating a color representation of the Canadian flag.”    

You can only get your limited-edition t-shirt at the IASP expo booth during the 2022 World Congress on Pain. All proceeds will go toward the Financial Aid Fund to help individuals with limited resources attend the World Congress on Pain.